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Entrion Wind, Inc. Announces Investment for the Development of the FRP Wind Foundation Technology

Entrion Wind Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received an investment from Mike Rydin, the Founder and CEO of HCSS, the leading infrastructure construction software firm with over 4,000 customers, for the development of the fully restraint platform (FRP) monopile technology.

The Houston based company has a goal to significantly reduce the cost of offshore wind through the patent pending FRP technology that extends the range of the monopile to 100 meters depth. It is currently engaged in a feasibility study offshore Massachusetts to optimize the FRP technology.

We are very grateful for the support from Mike and look forward to working with him to mature the FRP technology and develop the company. Mike will help set our strategic direction and develop the company to deliver on our vision“ said Eivind Johnsen, Entrion Wind, CEO.

“With the FRP technology, Entrion Wind has a unique opportunity to shape the future of the offshore wind industry as the industry goes into deeper waters. I am excited about becoming part of this technology company that will economically contribute to our renewable energy capability,” said Mike Rydin.

FRP Feasibility Study

In June 2021, Entrion Wind and Acteon through InterMoor, the lead brand within their Moorings and Anchors segment, announced in an agreement to jointly conduct a feasibility study of the patent pending FRP monopile design offshore Massachusetts in 35 to 85 meters water depth.

Under the agreement, the companies collaborate to optimize the FRP design for 10MW and 15MW turbine applications to minimize the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and de-risk the solution for large scale deployment.

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