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Entrion Wind Partners with InterMoor for an FRP Monopile Feasibility Study Offshore Massachusetts

June 2, 2021

Entrion Wind, Inc., and Acteon through InterMoor, the lead brand within their Moorings and Anchors segment, have signed an agreement to jointly conduct a feasibility study of the patent pending FRP monopile design offshore Massachusetts in 35 to 85 meters water depth.

Under the agreement, the companies will collaborate to optimize the FRP design for 10MW and 15MW turbine applications to minimize the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and de-risk the solution for large scale deployment. The study will combine Acteon’s long track record as a premier global mooring provider with Entrion Wind’s patent pending FRP design and offshore engineering background.

Subject to cost target being met, the companies may collaborate in a future FEED study for a specific site and Entrion Wind may request Acteon to provide mooring EPCI services for a follow-on pilot or demonstration project.

Entrion Wind, Inc. is very pleased to welcome Acteon as a partner and service provider to support the development and commercialization of the FRP monopile design and look forward to continuing to optimize the design to further reduce the cost of offshore wind.

About Acteon

Acteon supports marine projects for the offshore renewable energy, nearshore construction and oil and gas industries by delivering services with demonstrable commercial and environmental benefits which are enabling the energy transition.

About Entrion Wind, Inc.

Entrion Wind, Inc. provides offshore wind foundation licensing and EPC services based on its patent pending FRP monopile design. The design targets 40 to 100 meters water depth and provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of electricity generated offshore at the target water depth.

For more information on this agreement, please visit: or

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