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The forefront of renewable energy innovation.

Partnering with Entrion Wind offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of renewable energy innovation. Gain first hand knowledge of new technology, discover cost saving opportunities, and leverage the benefits of first mover advantage.

Partner with us

  • Overall design, global motion, and sizing

  • Component level design and costing

  • Fabrication, transportation, and installation

  • Economics assessment and risk analysis

Feasibility Study Approach:

Technical feasibility in 50m - 80m waters

Business case development

Concept decision making 



Entrion Wind offers comprehensive feasibility studies for the FRP Monopile to assess whether the concept works for a specific site, estimate impacts on LCOE from Capex and Opex, and identify and evaluate project risks and opportunities.


Together with its mooring, turbine, and fabrication partners, Entrion Wind is conducting feasibility studies to  evaluate risks and opportunities. 


​We are looking for partners in 2024 and 2025 to test the FRP Monopile technology in the field, as either a full deployment or retrofitted design. Funding opportunities are available. Get first hand insight on deep water monopile technology.  

Latest News

Keep up with all the developments of this exciting technology

Option 2 : Retrofit

Retrofit on one existing turbine, installing spiral strand mooring lines to the monopile.

Option 1 : Full Deployment

Full assembly with WTG. Preferably connected to the grid. Ideally, one Monopile engineered at a size where spiral strand moorings are needed.

Our goal is to de-risk and guarantee the FRP monopile performs as intended, by validating numerical models with field data to refine the design, and ensuring the technology is fully prepared for widespread deployment.

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