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Entrion Wind, Inc. Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer

Entrion Wind, Inc. has appointed Mr. Bjornar Eide as the Chief Financial officer (CFO), effective 1st May 2021.

Mr. Eide brings more than twenty-five years of experience in the corporate finance, risk management, strategy within the energy as well as the renewable markets in North America and Europe.

He had served as the Head of Risk Management at Sempra Energy Utilities and NRG Energy in the United States; and he was previously the CFO for Empower New Energy and principal consultant for Poyry in Norway. While a consultant for Poyry, he was part of a team responsible for the design of the business plan outline and financial models for the Equinor Hywind offshore wind project. Additionally, Mr. Eide had also held several portfolio managerial appointments with Equinor in Norway and the United States.

“Bjornar is an exceptional professional with a proven track record for commercializing renewable energy technologies with in-depth understanding of the electricity markets. His extensive financial background complements our technical knowledge to help commercialize the FRP Monopile foundation design,” said Eivind Johnsen, Entrion Wind, Inc. Chief Executive Officer.

“This is an opportune time to join Entrion Wind, Inc.”, Said Mr. Eide. “I am thrilled to join a company that will be contributing to shaping an industry with new technological innovations”.

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