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Entrion Wind, Inc. Completes FRP Monopile Proof of Concept Assessment

Updated: May 14, 2021

Entrion Wind, Inc. has completed the proof-of-concept study of the patent pending FRP monopile foundation design. This concept aims to utilize the established monopile technologies and field-proven mooring technologies to extend the operating water depth of monopiles to 100 meters and beyond.

In the proof of concept (POC) study, a 10MW turbine, weighing 800 metric tons above the transition piece, was supported by various FRP Monopile configurations in 40-to-120-meter water depths. Computer software OrcaFlex was used to analyze the FRP monopile wind turbines in the mid-Atlantic region extreme storm and operating conditions. Key response parameters were extracted and compared against the relevant design criteria as per DNV and ABS design codes.

The results indicated that utilizing the moorings can help with countering the environmental loads and reducing the movements of the turbine. With the FRP monopile foundation, the design requirements by wind turbine manufacturers can be met, such as those on the maximum bending moment at the wind tower base, the nacelle accelerations and movements, and the maximum tilt (pitch) angles. The FRP Monopile foundation was basically motionless even in extreme storm conditions. Since the various design criteria on the strength and movements are met, the FRP monopile concept is considered numerically proven.

In addition to meeting the POC objectives, key design parameters for such a system were also identified and their levels of impact on a specific design were better understood. Parametric studies were carried out for smaller and larger turbines to provide additional data points for design optimization. It is also concluded from the study that off the shelf mooring, and anchor pile products can be used.

For more information on the FRP monopile concept, please visit:

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