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Innovation Norway awards Entrion Wind AS a NOK 6.2 million development grant

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Innovation Norway is exited to work with Entrion Wind in their efforts to develop new technology which will accelerate development, expand project areas and reduce capital expenditure for bottom fixed offshore wind installations in the years to come. In supporting such technology development, Innovation Norway contributes to reducing financial risk in an early phase. Entrion Wind located their business in Kristiansand in the south of Norway, a region with considerable know-how and experience within offshore installations and mooring solutions. In combining new solutions with local know-how, I believe that Entrion Wind will contribute decisively to the global expansion of renewable energy”, said Jon Arne Rasmussen, Advisor.

Entrion Wind is very pleased to receive this grant and for the opportunity to engage with offshore design, test, production and installation expertise in Southern Norway to develop a product that not only meets “as installed” requirements, but also incorporate functionality for fast and easy installation, reliability, and maintenance”, said Jon Høvik, VP Engineering.

The grant will fund the development and testing of the Top Mooring Assembly (TMA) for Entrion Wind’s Fully Restrained Platform (FRP) monopile design. The TMA connects and tensions reinforcing anchor lines to a monopile increasing the water depth of the monopile design to 100 meters.

The TMA project is overseen by a steering committee with representatives for industry partners and developers and executed in Southern Norway. The project is scheduled to complete in Q1 2024 and will mature the FRP technology to readiness level of 5 and prepare it for an offshore demonstration project planned for 2024 and 2025.

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