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Entrion Wind Completes FRP Monopile Functionality Testing

Entrion Wind reaches an important milestone in the commercialization of its FRP monopile design with the completion of functionality testing of the top mooring assembly (TMA) for mooring system connection and tensioning.

The test was executed successfully with a 1:2 TMA scale model at the Mil-Lab at the University of Agder (UiA) in Grimstad, Norway together with industry partners and offshore wind developers including DEME Offshore, DNV, EDF Renewables, EEW Group, Empire Engineering, GCE Node, Iberdrola Renewables, Innovation Norway, InterMoor, Mil-Lab, NOV, Panterra, SIF Group, Uniso, TP-Products, TWP, Veprox, and Å Energi.

The FRP monopile extends the monopile and its favourable economics to 100-meter water depth. The design is based on a monopile and an offshore mooring system, both technologies with proven field experience. The TMA is the only novel component in the FRP system with functionality for tensioning morning lines at 40mm increments with a 500-ton pre-tensioning capacity and a 1,400-ton break load capacity. It was designed to simplify installation and minimise maintenance.

“We are pleased to announce the completion of the TMA development with a functionality test at the Mil-Lab at UiA in Grimstad and I’d like to thank our investors and Innovation Norway for supporting the project and our partners for supporting the development and testing. This milestone helps us de-risk and mature the FRP monopile and prepare the technology for an offshore demonstration project in 2024 and 2025”, said Tomas Fertig, Vice President Business Development.

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