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FibreMax signs agreement with Entrion Wind to offer fibre cables for the FRP monopile technology

Entrion Wind and FibreMax have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) where FibreMax will promote and provide fibre cables for the FRP offshore wind foundation technology extending the water depth of the monopile up to 100 meter.

The FRP monopile design accommodates mooring solutions based on chain, spiral strand wire, and high strength fiber tendons. Under this MoU, Entrion Wind and FibreMax will jointly cooperate to qualify FibreMax’s high strength fiber tendons for the FRP design and develop site-specific offers for the use of fiber cables for various FRP mooring configurations.

FRP Monopole with FIbre Max Tendons

Subject to the successful commercialisation of the Entrion Wind FRP technology based on fibre ropes, FibreMax may establish additional satellite fabrication capacity in an overall effort to support local content needs.

“FibreMax is thrilled about the of the collaboration with Entrion Wind to introduce the innovative FRP technology. This FRP technology may extend the operating depth and improve the economics and supply chain of monopiles from 50 to 100 meters.” According to Sander van Helvoort, Director of Renewable Energy at FibreMax, this technology aligns seamlessly with their strategy of enhancing their fibre tendon technology. The collaboration reflects their commitment to working closely with leading technology innovators in offshore wind.

“Entrion Wind is very pleased to welcome FibreMax as a strategic partner for mooring supply for the FRP monopile technology. FibreMax’s expertise, history, focus and strategy as a pioneer and a leading international fabricator of fibre cables makes the company a preferred strategic partner for Entrion Wind”, said Tomas Fertig, Vice President of Business Development.

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