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Entrion Wind Contracts Empire Engineering to Support its Feasibility Study Offshore Massachusetts

Entrion Wind, Inc. has contracted Empire Engineering LLC, a leading offshore wind foundations consultancy, to support the feasibility study of the patent pending FRP monopile design offshore Massachusetts in 35 to 85 meters water depth, which is being conducted by Entrion Wind and Acteon.

Under the agreement, Empire Engineering will support Entrion Wind to optimize the FRP monopile and transition piece design for 10MW and 15MW applications to minimize the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and de-risk the design for large scale deployment.

Subject to the cost target being met, the companies may collaborate in future FEED projects and Entrion Wind may request Empire to provide engineering services for a follow-on pilot project. The two companies may also explore cooperation and contractual agreements to offer further offshore wind engineering services.

“We are pleased to welcome Empire Engineering as a partner to support the development and commercialization of the FRP monopile design and further reduce the cost of offshore wind in deeper waters”, said Eivind Johnsen, Entrion Wind, CEO.

Karl Davis, founder and Manager Director of Empire Engineering said, "this partnership is an exciting next chapter for Empire Engineering and we look forward to working with Entrion Wind, providing both the necessary design expertise and engineering insight when assessing large offshore wind turbines in deep water”.

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