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Entrion Wind 
New Opportunities In Deeper Waters


We are pioneering the future of offshore wind energy through innovative technology. Introducing the Fully Restrained Platform Monopile, a foundation capable of extending the range and the favorable economics of the monopile from 60 up to 100 meter water depths.

Fully-Restrained Platform (FRP) Monopile

Let's talk about a Feasibility Study 

We offer thorough feasibility studies to guide concept selection, instilling confidence with well-informed investment choices.


Make prime wind energy locations more feasible.


Our cutting-edge FRP monopile technology presents a compelling investment opportunity by offering significant economic advantages and addressing current challenges in offshore wind energy.

More Benefits. Less Risk.

Our design leverages two proven technologies, the monopile and offshore moorings, and it is further de-risked through the technology readiness level (TRL) process. 

​Low-risk Technology 

The FRP monopile provides significant Capex reductions while not significantly increasing Opex.  Feasibility studies estimates 25% - 50% Capex reductions compared to alternatives.

Economic Advantage

Our local and global integration with existing supply chain frameworks enables companies to flexibly work with their established partners.

Available Fabrication & Installation Capacity

  • FRP global configuration patent filed 03/09/21

  • TMA novel concept patent filed 01/21/22

  • TMA novel design patent filed 06/09/23

  • Novel anchor design provisional patent filed 09/13/23

IP Protection & Technology Lead

A solution you can scale

The RFP monopile is poised to meet the growing demands of offshore wind energy with efficiency and ease. 

Latest News

Keep up with all the developments of this exciting technology.


“Sif Netherlands is excited to work with Entrion Wind representing a new and innovative technology that may extend the operating depth and favourable economics and supply chain of the monopile from 60 - 100 meters.  The technology is a good fit for our strategy of gradually innovating the monopile technology within the current supply chain constrains and establishing satellite fabrication capacity to promote renewable energy expansion”

Michel Kurstjens, Product Strategy Director, Sif Netherlands

"This partnership is an exciting next chapter for Empire Engineering, and we look forward to working with Entrion Wind, providing both the necessary design expertise and engineering insight when assessing large offshore wind turbines in deep water”

Karl Davis, founder and Manager Director of Empire Engineering

“Innovation Norway is exited to work with Entrion Wind in their efforts to develop new technology which will accelerate development, expand project areas and reduce capital expenditure for bottom fixed offshore wind installations in the years to come. In supporting such technology development, Innovation Norway contributes to reducing financial risk in an early phase. Entrion Wind located their business in Kristiansand in the south of Norway, a region with considerable know-how and experience within offshore installations and mooring solutions. In combining new solutions with local know-how, I believe that Entrion Wind will contribute decisively to the global expansion of renewable energy”

Jon Arne Rasmussen, Advisor at Innovation Norway

“We are proud to receive the Statement of Feasibility from DNV, a major milestone in extending the operating depth of monopiles. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with DNV to prepare the fully restrained platform (FRP) for commercial deployment,”

Li Lee, Co-founder and VP Research & Development at Entrion Wind

“EEW is excited to work with Entrion Wind representing a new and innovative technology aiming to extend the operating depth and favorable economics and supply chain of the monopile from 50 - 100 meters. The technology may be a good fit for our strategy of establishing international fabrication capacity at select locations and contribute decisively to the global expansion of renewable energy,”

Michael Hof, Managing Director of EEW

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