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Entrion Wind Announces Advisory Board to Accelerate Dev on FRP Monopile™ Offshore Wind Technology

Entrion Wind, Inc. has established an advisory board to guide the company and accelerate the development of the offshore wind energy FRP Monopile™ technology.

Entrion Wind’s board consists of five members, including its CEO and four external board members. “We are pleased to welcome Morten Tobias Lind, Knut Eriksen, Mike Rydin, and Julie Ryan to our advisory board to guide the company. The board members bring diverse experience from offshore wind, technology, corporate finance and strategy, and offshore engineering and project management/development. I am excited to work with the board to accelerate the development of the FRP monopile™ design”, said Eivind Johnsen, Entrion Wind, CEO.

Morten Tobias Lind, technical director at Copenhagen Offshore Partners said, "The FRP Monopile™ technology has the potential to shape the future of the offshore wind industry by extending the operating depth of the monopile to over 80 meters. I look forward to working with the board and management team to mature and de-risk the FRP technology for commercial deployment”. Knut Eriksen added, “Renewable energy is rapidly growing and offshore wind will be a critical resource in the supply of clean energy. Technology and innovation will be key components in making offshore wind energy successful. I believe Entrion Wind's ingenuity and creativity in developing the FRP concept will drive down costs and bring operating efficiency to offshore wind developments”.

With its completed feasibility study and filed patents, Entrion Wind is planning its FRP Monopile™ demonstration project for 2023.

About Entrion Wind, Inc.

Entrion Wind, Inc. provides offshore wind foundation licensing and EPC services based on its patent pending FRP monopile design. The design targets 40 to 100 meters water depth and provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of electricity generated offshore at the target water depth. For more information on this agreement, please visit:

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