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I will attend the:

Offshore Wind Seminar and TMA Pilot Unit Test

Date: November 29, 2023 
Description: Testing of Top Mooring Assembly for the FRP Monopile Technology 
Location: University of Agder, (Campus Grimstad, Norway)

Countries around the world have ambitious plans to accelerate the deployment of offshore wind to reach renewable production goals.  But can the industry scale and deliver competitive energy to meet these ambitions?  Morten Lind, Entrion Wind Board, will address the state of offshore wind technology and efforts to reduce costs and accelerate deployment.  Li Lee, VP R&D, will present the FRP monopile technology as a solution that can significantly contribute to offshore wind growth before Jon Høvik, VP Engineering, will present the design of top mooring assembly (TMA), the main enabling component in the FRP design.  Following these presentations, Entrion Wind will perform a functional test of a TMA prototype at the Mechatronics Innovation Lab at the University of Agder for technology qualification.

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